Health Insurance

Stop Overpaying for Group Health Insurance

With Validus Health, you really can keep your doctor, with our completely open healthcare network. Plus, our unique programs provide rebates for unused premiums. Now you can financially benefit from being healthy and having lower claims. Validus Health has simple tools to help your employees chose the highest value providers in their area. Contact us for more
details on our top-quality group health insurance.

Low Deductible, Premier Plans

Validus offers low or even zero-copays for physician visits, prescriptions, lab tests, and other services.

High Deductible, Value Priced Plans

Many individuals want the security of catastrophic health insurance, but prefer to pay out-of-pocket for physician visits, prescriptions, and laboratory fees until a higher deductible is met. HSA plans help budget for these expenses on a tax-advantaged basis.

Low-Priced MEC Plans

MEC Plans accomplish important goals and provide valuable, low cost benefits to employees. Every employer should offer a MEC plan.

  • Avoid Employer Penalties Up to $5,000 per FTE/Year
  • Provide Desirable Benefits to Employees in Competitive Labor Markets
  • Improve Attendance Rates and Employee Efficiency
  • Save money when employees chose these feature plans instead of more expensive options